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The Pig Weekend Masterclass at Tempus Foods

This is a Pig course with a twist, a charcuterie twist that no other course in the UK can offer. Completely immerse yourself into the world of charcuterie as you butcher a pig from nose to tail and make various delicacies along the way. Featuring all aspects of charcuterie including whole animal butchery, salami, fermentation and EQ curing.

Where: Tempus Food HQ - Weybridge Surrey

When: Saturday/Sunday 22nd-23rd June 2019

Time: 8am start

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Cost: £490 per person

 Tempus foods course pics


The class will be run by Masterchef winner and Co-founder of Tempus Foods Tom Whitaker. The course starts with a little bit of theory where you will learn about the history and the Science of Charcuterie before getting hands-on in learning the fundamental butchery skills as you breakdown the anatomy of the pig. Sharing his wealth of experience Tom will then guide you through this age-old tradition of preserving foods whilst adding contemporary twists to produce the best of British Charcuterie.

This course is suitable for pig breeders, butchers, chefs and amateurs who want to learn the art of charcuterie.

So how will your weekend pan out?

‘The Pig’ Workshop Schedule


8.00 AM: Welcome and coffee
8.30 AM: History and Science of charcuterie & tour
9.30 AM: Whole pig butchery – anatomy, cuts and primary and secondary breakdown. Porchetta for lunch, bones for stock, belly for bacon and rillette
1.30 PM: Lunch of Tempus carbonara
2 PM: Processing individual cuts for Salami, whole muscle and rillette – reserve
3.45.00 PM: Afternoon tea of bread and rillette
4 PM: thinking about spicing - weigh-out cures for individual processes, rub cure into rillette mix


8.30 AM: breakfast of house-cured bacon and duck eggs – PORCHETTA IN THE OVEN
9.30 AM: brine goes on for hocks
10.00 AM: salami making – mincing, mixing and stuffing – 60mm natural beef casings
12.30 PM: Fermentation process for salami including starter cultures and pH
13.00 PM: Lunch – porchetta and vegetables
13.30 PM: Curing whole muscles: coppa – bacon for belly and loin for client to take home
15.30 PM: Casing, witching and tying demo
16.30 PM: Pick rillette and portion into pots for each student to take home
17.30 PM: discussion about aging process, mould and environmental conditions. Glass of wine and details taken for charcuterie delivery once products are aged

For more information on this course, other courses and how you can book it, head to WeFifo here