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South African Boerewors Recipe

South African Recipe for a Traditional Mildly Spiced Boerewors

Thanks to Emil Coetzee of Bloemfontein for sharing this family recipe for Boerewors. This is a mildly spiced recipe which contains the Pimento, Coriander and Black Pepper that are the key features of Boerewors.

4.5kg Beef  ( stewing beef is ideal )

1.5kg Pork ( shoulder or belly )

600g Pork Back Fat ( known as Speck in South Africa , or Belly Pork as a substitute )

50g Ground Coriander

100g Fine Salt

15g Ground Black Pepper (freshly ground)

15g Ground Cloves

7g Ground Nutmeg

27g Ground Pimento

200ml Vinegar

Cut the meat into small cubes and combine with all the ingredients apart from the Speck ( Back Fat ) and Vinegar. Mince through a 6mm plate, then finely dice the Speck and add to the mix along with the vinegar. Mix lightly but thoroughly and then mince again through a coarse 8mm plate. The mix is now ready to be stuffed into a Natural British Hog Casing.