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Salt Beef Recipe Using Weschenfelder's Salt Beef Curing Salts

Make your own authentic Salt Beef using this superb Cure which contains regular Salt and the cure which helps preserve the Beef and fix the colour. The cure is a 'plain' cure with no additional herbs or spices so the attached recipe is just one of many you could use, indeed you can use any  traditional recipe and follow it exactly by simply replacing the salt and saltpetre with  Weschenfelder's Salt Beef Curing Salts.

1kg Beef Brisket

2ltr Salt Beef Brine Cure

150g Brown Sugar

1 tsp Crushed Black Pepper

1 tsp Corriander Seed

2 Bay Leaves

1 tsp Thyme

Mix the Brine by adding 95% water to 5% of the Salt Beef Cure, i.e.50g of cure to 1 ltr of water.  Add the sugar and spices to the brine and bring quickly to the boil before  allowing to cool down. Once the brine is cold cover the beef with the brine in a suitable 'tupperware' type container. You may need to weigh the meat down if it floats in the brine. Leave in the fridge for 3-4 days turning the beef daily.  Once the beef is cured wash under cold running water and then cook in gently simmering water for 2-3 hours. The meat can then be served hot with bread and mustard or leave to stand and serve thinly sliced.