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Nurnberger Bratwurst Recipe

Classic German Nurnberg Bratwurst

As our family is originally from Nurnberg in the South of Germany, home of the famous Nurnberger Bratwurst, we just had to have this recipe high on the list. A Nurnberger is traditionally made into a very thin casing and linked into small sausages that are perfect as a starter or as a breakfast sausage. This recipe was kindly sent by a friend from Aglasterhausen, and will produce an authentic German Nurnberger.

Use Beef and Pork Belly to the ratio of 30/70.

Add the following herbs and spices  per kilo of meat;

20g Fine Salt

2g Ground White Pepper

0.5g Mace

0.5g Nutmeg

1g Marjoram

Mince the meat through a 6mm or 4.5mm plate and then add all the spices and salt and mix well before passing through the mincer a second time.  The mix is now ready for stuffing and we recommend you use a thin British Sheep Casing. Nurnbergers are usually in a really thin casing such as an 18/20mm, but you could also use a 20/22mm or 22/24mm Sheep Casing ,or alternatively  use a collagen casing 19mm or 21mm.