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Mexican Fresh Chorizo

Tim's daughter spent three months working in Mexico City and came back with this recipe for a Mexican Fresh Chorizo. Everything was highly spiced with chilli including this beautiful Chorizo!

So if you can handle the spice and want to bring a bit of Mexico to your kitchen, here is the perfect recipe.


Use meat at a ratio of 70% Pork Shoulder and 30% Pork Belly or Back Fat.

Per kilo of meat, add the following ingredients.


- 16 grams Salt

- 2 grams Gound Black Pepper

- 2 grams Chilli Flakes

- 2 grams Cayenne Pepper

- 1 gram Oregano

- 50ml White Wine Vinegar

- 50ml Cold Water

- 2 Garlic Cloves (finely chopped)


1) Mince the meat through a fairly coarse plate 8mm or even 10mm depending on your preference.

2) Add the ingredients along with garlic, white wine vinegar, and water and mix well.

3) Stuff the mixture into Hog casings using a sausage stuffer or sausage attachment on a mincer.

Please note this is a fresh Mexican Chorizo and is ideal for frying or cooking on a BBQ.

Spanish Chorizo, however, is a type of Salami that is cured and air-dried. (See our Complete Chorizo Kit for a Spanish style Chorizo).

One thought on “Mexican Fresh Chorizo”

  • Dave Jones

    Hi ...

    Just a few lines to say I made approx 3.5 lbs of sausages yesterday - (23rd Sep 2019) - using the recipe for the 'Mexican Fresh Chorizo' and I *LOVE* them !!!

    I will definitely be making more of these!

    Thanks for the recipe ... ??

    Dave (R.A.T.S.) Jones


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