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Home Dry Cured Bacon Using Weschenfelder's 'Supracure' Curing Salts

Home Dry Cured Bacon

Supracure is a ready to use cure ideal for 'Home Dry Cured Bacon'.

Supracure 90 % add  Caster or Brown Sugar 10% (optional) if required

Mix together the Supracure and Sugar and apply to the meat at a rate of 6% (i.e. 600grams of cure to 10kg of meat) or at a rate of 5% if no sugar has been added to the cure. Supracure is a plain cure so you can at this point add further spices, blackpepper, etc if you wish.

Rub well into the surfaces of the meat and rind, it may be necessary to pierce the thicker muscles of the meat with a fork to aid penetration of the cure.

Store in a chill at 2-4 degrees for four  to six days as required to cure, either in a non-metallic container or vac-packed .

After curing wash the meat thoroughly in cold water, and hang in muslin cloth or stack wrapped in cotton teatowels in a chill cabinet to dry and settle for a couple of days . The bacon is now ready for slicing.