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Gluten Free Sausage Recipe

When it comes to using our Gluten Free Mixes for making sausages, the recipe is slightly different to the standard seasonings that we sell.

The gluten mixes contain both the gluten free rusk and the seasoning in 1 pack.

This recipe is good for our Gluten Free Honeyroast Mix, Gluten-Free Lincolnshire Mix and the Gluten-Free Cumberland & Herb mix.

We have had some rave reviews from butchers & customers all over the UK about these mixes with them living up to the normal seasoning without losing any flavour.

Cook time: 30 Prep time: 10 Level Beginner


The ratio for our Gluten Free Recipe is simple. This will make a 20lb batch of sausages but you can scale down by deciding the quantities equally to make smaller batches.

– 5.89kg meat.

– 1.81kg water

-1.36kg Gluten Free Sausage Mix


  1. 1. Cut the meat into cubes or thin strips ready for mincing.


  1.  2. Mince the meat thoroughly through a 6mm plate and sprinkle on the gluten-free mix.


  1. 3. Add half of the cold water and mix until the cold water is absorbed into the meat (20-30 seconds).


  1. 4. Add the remaining cold water and mix vigorously until the mixture is sticky and moist.


  1. 5. Add the rusk and mix well.


  1. 6. For a finer textured sausage, you should now mince the meat a second time through a coarse plate 8mm or 10mm. The mix will pass through the mincer quicker if it is chilled as it may be sticky after the mixing process. If you are using a mincer to fill the sausages simply fit the sausage plate and nozzle, chill the mix and fill directly through the mincer into the skins.


  1. 7. Fill out into pre-soaked natural sheep or hog casings. Make sure there are no ‘air pockets’ within the mixture.


  1. 8. Insert the nozzle and ‘shire 3-6 feet of casing onto the nozzle. Leave about one inch of casing over the end of the nozzle (there is no need to knot it) and carefully start winding the handle.


  1. 9. Gently let the casing slip off the nozzle as it takes up the sausage.