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British Sausage Recipe Using Weschenfelder Seasonings

Recipe for use with Weschenfelder Seasonings

The following recipe is a guide to producing an English Style Sausage that will produce a fine succulent sausage at first attempt!   It is a recipe that produces a sausage with 75% meat content.

For smaller mixes…reduce the quantities
By proportion
Once mastered….you can change and alter
the contents & seasonings to suit your taste.
Lean Pork
Fat Pork (i.e. Belly Pork)
¾ lbs
Dried Pinhead Rusk
1 ½ lbs
Water (cold or iced)
Seasonings (i.e. Weschenfelder Gold Pork Seasoning,
 Cumberland, Lincolnshire Traditional etc)
Cut the meat into cubes or thin strips and mince ensuring the Lean Pork and Belly Pork are well mixed.
Then add the seasonings & mix well. Add the water gradually and mix thoroughly into the meat. Finally add the rusk & again mix .
At this point you can fill directly into the casings…..or alternatively put through the mincer a second time. This really mixes all the products together & produces a slightly thinner chop. Use a coarse plate (8mm or10mm ) if you want the texture to remain fairly coarse.