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British Charcuterie Live 2020 Awards

When you hear the words “cured meat”, does your mouth water as much as when you think of charcuterie? The French word sounds so much better, perhaps because we don’t expect cured meats to be British. But in actual fact, the British Charcuterie industry is booming, with a growing public interest in where meat comes from and the quality of the end product, it is clear to see why. The difference between factory-made charcuterie and British Charcuterie are now worlds apart. With Farm shops and Delis across the UK stocking up with British Charcuterie it is now easier than ever to get your hands on the best Charcuterie products Britain has to offer using British meat.

In order to get behind the British Charcuterie industry and the small producers who are propping up all around the UK, we are super excited to announce that we are teaming up with British Charcuterie for the 3rd year running to sponsor the class of British Regional Products.

This class includes any traditional British regional recipes such as Hogs Pudding, Black Pudding, White Pudding, Haslett, Faggots, Bath Chaps, Lincolnshire Chine etc. Whilst these beautiful products became a somewhat lost art over the past few decades, the recent boom of British Charcuterie has helped the revival of these products and we are here to support that.

What is Charcuterie?

Charcuterie from chair (flesh) and cuit (cooked) covers the wide range of Cured Meat, Poultry & Game products. These may be Continental in style – Salami, Chorizo, Pancetta etc – or British – Chaps, Chine, Bacon etc. With such a wide range of charcuterie being made, the awards are split down into 9 different classes.

What are the British Charcuterie Live Awards….

These awards are the first of its kind and have come around due to boom of charcuterie products that are being made in Britain. A decade ago their were just 20 producers in the UK, today there are over 500 registered producers. Founded in 2018 and now in their third year, the Awards are Britain’s only National, Independent, Annual awards for Professional Charcuterie Producers and are a great way for producers to get feedback and raise their standards.

How is it Judged?

Judging is carried out blind. Feedback is an essential part of the judging process and written feedback on each product will be forwarded to the appropriate producer within 40 days of judging.

The judges will score and award points for each product. Products that reach Gold – 90+ out of 100, Silver – 80 -89 out of 100 and Bronze – 70-79 out of 100 will be eligible to carry the appropriate British Charcuterie Live Awards 2020 sticker on their products.

Chosen from the classes 1-9 Star Awards. These include Champion of Champions Product, Champion of Champions Producer (who performs best consistently over a number of classes - no less than three products spread over a minimum of three classes), The Best Game Product, The Best New Product and Best Traditional or Heritage Breed Product, Home Grown - Best Product made with Producers’ own Livestock and NEW THIS YEAR Best British Smoked Product.

Who are the Judges?

There is a brand new line up of judges for 2020 with  Keith Fisher Chief Executive of the Institute of Meat leading the line with Steve Lamb, (River Cottage Instructor) Head of technical. They will be leading over 50 judges who are Charcuterie Experts from the meat, hospitality and retail industries – makers, buyers, consultants, restaurateurs, chefs - plus top food writers. To further guarantee fair, scrupulous and independent judging, no member of the British Charcuterie Live team is allowed to take part in judging.

How can I buy from a British Charcuterie Producer?

British Charcuterie has set up an online directory where you can type in your postcode and find your local British Charcuterie Producer however many are now selling across the UK through online orders.