Staniforth 10" Scimitar Steak Knife

10" scimitar steak knife has a slightly curved edge giving you greater scope for movement and flexibility.
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The scimitar steak knife features a long, sharp, slightly curved blade that can be used to cut different joints of meat close to the bone. The blade is 10" (25cm) long and has a wide width giving the user a greater cutting force. The blade also has a curve that makes the knife perfect for slicing large cuts of meat and gives the user greater scope for movement.

The handle is made from textured polypropylene making it slip-resistant and so comfortable to use.

The skillful hand-honed cutting edge is razor-sharp. The handle itself is completely hygienic handle and qualifies to meet sanitary and meets hygienic foodservice industry standards.

Made in Great Britain this is a popular knife for both butchers and domestic users.

Product Features

- 25cm long blade.

- Rust-resistant blade.

- Black handle made from polypropylene.

- Slip-resistant handle.

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