Trade Pack Organic Curing Salts 10kg

Organic curing salts in a 10kg sack. Ideal for those making bacon in bulk at a commercial scale. This is a plain cure that gives you the base to add other ingredients to depending on your recipe.

This is a fully certified Organic Dry Cure. 


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Product Details

Fully certified Organic Dry Curing Salts comes in a 10kg sack ready to use. 

It's a plain cure which can be added to depending on your recipe and should be used at a rate of 3% to a kilo of meat. 

The cure contains SeaSalt, Organic Sugar and Preservative E250.

Our Organic Dry Cures are produced by BRC and Soil Association accredited blending factories. The recipes are formulated, tried and tested, to produce end products that are well within the EC and Soil Association Regulations and guidance for residual nitrates and nitrites.

Always use good quality meat and always follow the recipe and method provided.

Product Features

- 10kg Sack of organic dry cure.

- Use at a rate of 3%.

- Great for making Organic bacon. 

- Ideal for commercial users.

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