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Supacure Dry Bacon / Ham Curing Salts 2kg

Weschenfelder Supacure is a plain dry cure that is specifically designed to cure bacon and hams. This cure comes in a 2kg bag with recipe and instructions.
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Product Details

Supacure is a speciality Dry Curing Salt specifically produced for home dry cured Bacon and Hams.

It is easy to use and will produce a high-quality flavoursome Bacon in 5-7 days that both tastes and looks the business!

It is a plain cure so you can add your herbs and spices or add Demerara sugar to the mix to add a subtle sweetness to the product. Used at the rate of 3% to the weight of the meat this 2kg pack is sufficient for up to 40kg of Dry Cured Bacon.

Instructions are included with the supacure.

Product Features

- Dry curing salt. 

- Plain cure.

- 2kg per pack.

- Contains Salts and plus sodium nitrite E250 and E252.   

Product Attachments

Supacure_Recipe (114.82 kB)
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