Takaje Vacuum Machine Machine (Red) (Refurbished and without original box)

Red Takaje Vacuum Packing machine. This is a refurbished vac packer that has been fully serviced and checked over by our engineer.

Due to this machine's box being damaged in transit, this machine no longer has its original box. It will still come with the vacuum bags and all accessories that go with this machine.



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Product Details 

This is a refurbished Takaje Vacuum Machine in red. It came back after being damaged in transit to a customer who wanted the item replaced. As a result we have fully serviced this machine and it is now ready for use. A real bargain for anyone who does not mind the machine coming in its original box.

It has been tested and given a once over by our engineer.

This Vacuum Machine opens up a whole new concept in Vacuum Packing & Food Preservation. It is a superb, beautifully designed Vacuum Machine ideal for vac-packing a huge range of foods. In addition, it also has a unique new patented system that enables you to re-create a vacuum inside any Jam Jar or glass container. This enables you to vac pack a whole range of products within glass containers or to extend the life of products such as jams & chutneys by sucking the air back out of the jars when storing after use. Whether you Vac Pack into bags or containers you can extend the storage times of foods by 3 to 5 times.

The vacuum machine itself is really easy to clean, has a very fast suction speed, secure sealing, and an inner tray which protects the unit from excess liquids.

The Takaje is supplied with a starter pack of 50 x Vacuum Bags and 2 x Takaje Jar Sealing Caps. Takaje Containers, Bottle-caps & Jar Sealing Caps in packs of five are all now available plus the huge range of Embossed Vacuum pouches all listed in the Embossed Vacuum Bags Category.

As with all our machines, you will get one year free parts and labour warranty with this machine.


Product Features

- Double sealing bar (width: 3mm) with excellent heat resistance.

- Made with ABS body and stainless steel lid.

- Weight 3.1kg.

- Sealing rod length: 33cm. 

- Absorption: 200W.

- Max: 800 mbar. 

- Pump Suction: 16 l/min.

Please Note there is only 1 available and therefore this product will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

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