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Events & Exhibitions 2016

  • Paul Peacock's Biltong & Jerky Recipe

    Biltong is made from good quality steak such as sirloin, which is what i tend to use and make a kilo at a time. It 's pricey, but you get a great product.

    In America they have a process where they use minced, or ground as they call it, meat, and add to it various seasonings, bought in packets from the supermarket. Usually these are BBQ type seasonings they call ‘rub’, and sometimes they add salt to them, often they don’t. The meat is seasoned and then stuffed into a jerky gun, which resembles a large ratchet action mastic gun, the kind of thing you seal windows and bathrooms with. The resulting material is usually smoked and cooked – or hot smoked. The only real advantage, as far as I can see with this process is it allows you to use up off cuts and various pieces of meat, and cheaper cuts, but in terms of curing for keeping I have a single problem. Once minced, the meat has an amazingly large surface area, making it more likely that the meat can become more infected. Consequently it needs more salt, and in my opinion, too much more salt, to make it safe over time.


    Biltong & Jerky Recipe

    Ingredients you will need:

    • good quality steak
    • sea salt
    • coriander seeds
    • cracked peppercorns
    • worcester sauce


    Note I haven’t given any quantities, you are simply adding and layering at this stage.

    1, Start by trimming most of the fat from the meat. Don’t try to get the marbling out! Actually, many people prefer venison for biltong because it is a lot leaner. You need a lidded plastic box for this recipe. Having trimmed the meat it needs to be cut. Long pieces, around 20 cm by no more than 1 cm - 2 cm wide is what you are looking for.

    2, Put a layer of salt, a thin layer, enough to touch the meat but nothing so much as to cover the base – a light sprinkling.

    3, Add your first layer of meat and splash Worcester sauce on it, again, not gallons of the stuff, enough to coat is enough.

    4, Then sprinkle sea salt over the meat, sparingly – it isn’t a coating, just a heavy seasoning.

    5, Then a sprinkling of coriander seeds, then peppercorns – sparingly with the pepper.

    6, Once this layer is done repeat with the layers of meat.

    7, Close the lid and leave in the fridge for seven days.

    8, At the end of this period, remove, wash and pat dry the meat and you start the dehydration process.

    9, I use a dehumidifier on its lowest setting, and it takes about three days to dry the meat completely. It changes colour from dark brown to a really dark brown. Your nose is the best arbiter of the meat’s fitness to eat. It should smell sweet, almost neutral. Certainly off smells are a sign the meat needs to be thrown away. Also the meat should not be spongy, but fairly hard to the touch.

    P.S. If you don’t have a dehumidifier you can use a box with gauze in the sides so it can be hung, the biltong completely protected on all sides from insects. Drying cabinets are available having temperature and humidity controls. It is humidity that is the enemy of biltong, so the drier you can make it the better. It can take ten or even 20 days in a box to completely dry biltong.

    Biltong should last a couple of weeks, kept in a dry container, but in our house it rarely does!

  • The Midland Game Fair

    We are making our 10th appearance at the Midland Game Fair on 17tth and 18th of September. The Midland Game Fair takes place in the beautiful setting of Weston Park in Shropshire.

    The event is a great family celebration of the Country Life and Field Sports with an array of things to do upon your visit. The Game fair has year on year increased its portfolio of countryside activities making it a landmark day out in the family calendar, with something for everyone to enjoy.

    At the show we will have all of our most popular machines on the stand for you to see up close. We will be bringing a wide range of skins, seasonings and curing salts for all those looking to top up for their next batch of sausages, burgers and charcuterie.

    Come and experience this truly unique atmosphere and see all that the show has to offer.

    For all information on on access, ticket prices, accomidation and more click the link below. http://www.midlandgamefair.co.uk

  • The Game Fair 2016

    Now in its 58th Year, The Game Fair (formerly The CLA Game Fair) returns to the familiar surroundings of Ragley Hall, Warwickshire, from 29-31 July.

    This will be our 12th year in succession at The Game Fair and we can't wait to be back so to get you as excited as we are here is a little more information about the show.


    This event is the festival of the countryside that celebrates everything from clay shooting to archery, gundog scurries and international championships to fishing, falconry, ferreting and equestrian. There show really is a hands on outdoor experience with something for everyone in the family.

    At the show we will be showcasing all of our machines from sausage stuffers, mincers and slicers. So if you aren't keen on buying online and would like to get a close up of our products, this is the perfect opportunity.

    Ragley Hall is situated in the picturesque town of Alcester, Warwickshire. It is situated approximately 8 miles (13 km) west of Stratford-upon-Avon, and 8 miles south of Redditch.

    If you need a little more information about the show and how to buy tickets click here.

    We can't wait to see you!

  • Great Yorkshire Show, 12–14th July 2016

    The Yorkshire show is our second show of the year, and it will be our first ever appearance at this show! This show features the best of British farming and is England’s premier agricultural show. You’ll see 5,000 of Britain’s finest cattle, sheep and pigs, 2,000 horses in top class show jumping, equine classes and other animal contests including sheep-shearing competitions. This show should be nailed into the calendar for all agricultural folk looking for a great day out. Not to mention you will also have the perfect opportunity to see our products up close first hand and take advantage of some great offers!

    The showground is placed in an idyllic countryside location just outside of Harrogate and can be easily accessed via car or public transport using trains as well as a free shuttle bus service. For more travel information click here.

    For all information visit the Great Yorkshire Show Website.

    We can’t wait to see you there!

  • Northern Shooting Show May 7th-8th 2016 Harrogate

    If you need a good mincer to process all your surplus game then why not visit our stand at The Northern Shooting Show and check out our superb range of mincers and butchery equipment. This will be our first time at the show and the organizers have lined up a great weekend of events and demonstrations which you can see listed on their website @ www.northernshootingshow.co.uk.  If there is anything in particular you would like to see then do let us know and we will be sure to have it on the stand. But we will have our full range of Game Seasonings, Burger Mixes, Skins and Cures as well as our most popular Italian Mincers, Stuffers and Slicers.

    See you there!