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Biltong & Jerky Recipe

Paul Peacock’s Biltong & Jerky Recipe

Biltong is made from good quality steak such as sirloin, which is what i tend to use and make a kilo at a time. It ‘s pricey, but you get a great product. In America they have a process where they use minced, or ground as they call it, meat, and add to it various seasonings, […]


All About Beef Casings

Natural Beef Casings are the largest in diameter of all the Natural Casings and have a range from 36mm wide, up to 130mm. The three types of Beef Casing most commonly used are Beef Runners (or Rounds), Beef Middles and Beef Bungs (or Caps). As you can see from the illustration (click the image to enlarge) the Runner […]


All About Hog Casings

Natural Hog Casings are produced from the small intestine of the Pig and are always referred to as ‘Hog’ rather than ‘Pig’ casings and are sometimes called Hog Runners.   They are cleaned , graded, and cured in salt . They have a range from 28mm upto large 46mm wide. The most commonly used casing is  the Runner […]


Tre Spade Italian Machinery

All About Tre Spade Products The Trespade range of butchery and kitchen machinery have established themselves as one of the leading brands in the UK for quality, small-scale Meat Processing equipment for the production of charcuterie products.  We are proud to be their main UK distributor and can sell their full range of equipment with […]


Bringing The Bacon Home

‘Bringing the Bacon Home’ an article from guest author Paul Peacock Perhaps one of the most liberating and eye opening discoveries I ever made was how to make bacon. Until then I thought it was a food that always was made in a factory and sold to the rest of us in shops. The difference […]


All About Sheep Casings

All About Sheep Casings Natural Sheep Casings are the thinnest and most delicate of all the Natural Casings and range in size from 16mm up to 28mm. Sometimes referred to as Sheep Runners they are the most commonly used natural casings after Hog Casings. They are cleaned, graded and cured in salt. As you can […]


The Virtues Of Home Sausage Making

Why home sausage making is good for you, with hints and tips from guest authour Paul Peacock. There are so many things you can say about making sausages at home. Are they cheaper? Yes, a little. Are they tastier? Oh yes, very much so. Are they healthier? Absolutely! But the main thing you can say […]


Taking The Cure By Paul Peacock

Ideas for home curing of meat, for the festive season and beyond! It is no mistake that, when we invented agriculture, some 20,000 years ago, it brought together a lot of industries. For example, who needs a whole pig when you know it will go off in a week and you can’t eat it without […]


Everyone Should Be A Foodie

Why to buy and make your own food Speaking as a confirmed omnivore, at home with a nut roast just as much as the most succulent of pork sausages, a consumer as well as maker of black pudding and haggis, I would like to say from the outset that I have nothing against eating horse. […]


Raising The Burger To Gourmet Heights

Think burgers are cheap food? Think again! A comedian recently proclaimed on the television that you don’t find young American couples ‘going for an English’, to which someone retorted, ‘…yes, but all you eat are burgers’. True enough, well not actually that true really, but if your idea of a burger is that shaken out […]